Makeshift Ensemble is a Cork-based theatre company developing collaborative theatre using non-actors and strongly defined spaces. Their style is strongly influenced by continental documentary theatre, as originally they met as the cast and crew of Fuck My Life (CAMPO/Cork Midsummer Festival, 2010). Their productions (Utopia Ltd., Exit Strategy, Osteoporosis, No One Can Hear You In There) were part of Cork Midsummer Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Solstice, and Home Festival. They are members of the Firestarter Network and produce professional trainings (IN-SITU, Future Producers) and festivals (Quarter/Quarter Block Party).

To get in touch email info@makeshiftensemble.com

Past Projects

2015-Present Limited Utopias: Utopia Ltd. & Collaborations Toolkit

2014-Present Quarter Block Party

2015 Life Scripts

2015 Wonderous Stories, and it's perfect as it is

2015 IN SITU

2013-2014 Quarter @ TDC & Future Producers

2013 Exit Strategy

2012-2013 Quarter (Pop-up Arts Space)

2012 No One Can Hear You In There

2012 Firestarter

2012 Wonderous Stories, from Xenophobia to Amazment

2011-2012 Let's Play!

2011 Osteoporosis

2010 ...because the bus is always late