Exit strategy

Exit Strategy is part theatre play, part game about the strategies we follow to quit - a documentary theatre piece about investments, fate and happiness. Quitting seems to be the big thing: companies liquidate or pull out of countries, countries threaten to pull out of Europe and people are pulling out of countries, relationships, bad habits and reality. This is a show where the performers ask the questions and what happens next it is up to the audience.

"This articulate and extremely engaging production is a mish mash of theatre, game and storytelling that has audience participation down pat" - Stephanie Donaldson, Le Cool
Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy was developed in 2013 between Eszter Nemethi (Hungary) and Leah Hearne (Ireland) with dramaturgical support from Bart Capelle (Belgium). Exit Strategy was developed at MAKE before being presented as a work in progress at Home Festival. The full production was then presented as part of WE LIVE HERE: the new work from Cork platform of Cork Midsummer Festival 2013 and then Dublin Fringe Festival 2013.