Let's Play!

October 2011 - June 2012

Let’s Play! was an eight month theatre development programme running parallel to the development of No One Can Hear You In There. The aim of the project was to provide learning opportunities to the young members of Makeshift Ensemble and also provide training opportunities to a wider Cork theatre community through workshops, sharings and exhibitions. Let’s Play! comprised eight small events including a workshop on producing theatre, a theatre design workshop and exhibition, and a scratch theatre evening. As part of the project Makeshift Ensemble also got the opportunity to work with established artists within the theatre sector as mentors during the development of their new production. These mentors were: Bart Capelle (dramaturgy), Lisa Lilywhite (set design), Kath Gorman (producing), Inma Moya Pavon (movement) and Kate Ferris (stage management). 

Let’s Play! was funded by the Arts Council through the Young Ensembles Scheme.