No One Can Hear You In There

Off site venue, Cork | Solstice | June/July 2012

'No One Can Hear You In There' is a site specific performance about the ambiguity and blurring of privacy in a very public world. Makeshift Ensemble explores this concept in a perhaps unusual arena, the public toilet.

The public toilet is a hiding place, a place to seek solitude, and share stories or secrets. Cubicles are confession boxes, their walls collect traces of love, frustration, anger, and humour. In this most public environment we allow people to look on and listen in without stopping to think, who really cares to hear us.

From separate cubicles within this intimate setting, audience members survey as characters come and go using this public space as the backstage to social life.

No One Can Hear You In There premiered as part of Solstice as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival on the 28th June 2012 and ran until the 9th July 2012 at 27a Washington Street. It was funded by the Arts Council through the Young Ensembles Scheme and by Cork City Council through a Voyage Award and supported by the Theatre Development Centre.