Quarter @ Camden Quay

Camden Quay, Cork | October 2012 - January 2013

Quarter was a pop-up arts resource centre which functioned as a new space for young artists and young people interested in the arts. Quarter hosted 16 events over the three months attended by over 450 people and engaged with over 70 artists from Cork and beyond through performances, film screenings, talks, workshops and by providing free access to co-working and rehearsal space for the development of new projects and initiatives.

Artists Quarter hosted included Brendan Canty, Dick Walsh, Grant Hart, Shookrah, Coderdojo, Irene O'Mara, Maedhbh Haicead, Martin Sharry, Ruairi Francis O'Brien, Brid O'Donovan and others.

Our Rational.

Quarter, a three month pop-up arts resource centre, was created to address some of the obstacles that we (and other young artists) encountered which made working in a professional capacity and thus producing artistic work to a professional standard impossible. Without a dedicated working space we found that while it is possible to work, the quality necessary to be professional is close to impossible to achieve. This means that the work developed by young people remains amateur in ambition and has very little or no chance to get financially supported. We also felt that the ambition also suffers due to the restricted mobility of young people and that the work produced seldom relates to European trends and becomes comfortable, uninteresting and localised again making it difficult to be financially supported and provide employment. 

So we decided to create the infrastructure we needed instead of leaving or giving up. We came up with Quarter an open, inclusive and multi-disciplinary space where creative ideas can be tried out, worked on. A place where risks can be taken and things can fail because we believe those things are necessary so innovation can happen. 

Quarter was there to make things happen, to challenge, to support, to encourage collaboration, to provide a window to a wider context and to inspire new creative ventures.

Quarter was funded by the European Commission though the Youth in Action grant.