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This page serves as an external library of materials and links to accompany the publication called 'Collaborations Toolkit. A Guide to the Development of International Artistic Collaborations for Young People'. The Toolkit was developed by Postmodernsquare (FIN) and Makeshift Ensemble (IRL) and is a step by step guide full of tips, case studies and resources to allow young people to access international opportunities and produce ambitious projects.

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the toolkit

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The Collaborations Toolkit is the result of an eight month European Strategic Partnership project between Irish theatre company Makeshift Ensemble and Finland-based production company Postmodernsquare. The aim was to put together the tools, insights, resources and tips that we found useful during the course of the development of a theatre production entitled ‘Utopia Ltd.’ that premiered as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival in June 2016. This is a practical guide that uses our project as a case study. It is a document that is meant to be used, annotated, torn apart and photocopied so we tried to keep everything practical, useful and to the point.

Our collaboration was financially supported by Erasmus+ funding program as a KA2 Strategic Partnership International Youth Initiative. Here we compiled a specific set of recommendations for those who are interested to pursue this specific type of funding for their project.

We think doing European cooperation projects is very exciting and totally doable by young people. It gives you access to bigger audiences, interesting insights and a broader funding landscape. The challenges are also on a bigger scale but that’s where we think this toolkit will come in handy, you are welcome to make the same mistakes that we did but we give you the tools to maybe avoid them.

Good luck with your projects!
Makeshift Ensemble
& Postmodernsquare

online resources

Funding, residencies, festivals and exchange opportunities
Opportunities internationally:  
*On the Move. Mobility funding and residencies.
Cultural engagement between Asia and Europe.          
For those involved in the educational process in Europe and worldwide.
For emerging and professional contemporary art.
*Resartis. Residency calls and opportunities.
*Transartists. International artists residencies.
Open calls and residencies.
Learning and Training Opportunities within the Erasmus+

Opportunities for Irish citizens or those residing in Ireland:
*CREATE / Bussiness to Arts 
*Cork City Council 
*Culture Ireland / 
Irish Film Board
Ealain na Gaeltachta
Supporting international exchange and collaboration in the youth sector in Ireland, mainly through European Commission-funded education and training programmes. 

Opportunities for Finnish citizens or those residing in Finland:
*Nordic Culture Fund
*Taike (Arts Promotion Center Finland)
*Taike Regional Office Lapland
*Artists' Association of Lapland
*Finnish Cultural Foundation
*Nordic Culture Point
*The Nordic Culture Fund 
*Kone Foundation
*Kordelin Foundation
*Myrsky / Nuori / Frame Visual Art Finland
*Council of Finnish Foundations
*AURORA database
*CIMO: Supporting international exchange and collaboration in the youth sector in Finland, mainly through European Commission-funded education and training programmes.

Examples of other toolkits and guide books
*Toolkit for Theatre Production and Mobility
*Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact. Study Book
*IETM Art Management Toolkits
*Arterial Network Project Management Toolkit
Evaluation Toolkit
*Funding Application Toolkit
*Crowdfunding Toolkit

Event calendars and platforms
Eventbrite / Picatic / STT (FIN)
More similar resources

Budget samples
*Theatre Production Budget
*Sample public art project budget
*Project Budget
*Illinois Arts Council Project Budget


The following worksheets are only examples. They can be downloaded in excel format and modified according to the specifics of your project. (An appendix to chapter 1 'Resources'.)

Identify workspaces that you can have access to for free and the ones available for hire. Make sure you pool these resources with your partners.

Identify grants in order to cover your costs, don’t forget that some residencies come with artists fees that might contribute to this funding.

Besides, identify all funding sources that you could access. Think outside the box, explore different methods of fundraising and exploit your access to different funding bodies through your partnerships.

Identify all means of support and sponsorship that you can resort to for accommodation / travel as this will be a significant element of any international project. With multiple locations and a wider groups of participants you might want to keep and accommodation worksheet

Marketing/Dissemination: Identify which parties can support you with this aspect, how much they are willing to do, what deadlines they have. Make arrangements with designers, photographers and other specialists.

Links to various budget samples and templates can be found in the section 'Online Resources'. Here is a budget template specific for a theatre project.