Utopia Ltd. as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival | photo by Nuno Escudeiro

Poolbeg Yacht, Boatclub and marina, Dublin | 24 september 8pm, 25 september 5pm & 8pm

  as part of the tiger dublin fringe festival                                                           Tickets €14 / €12  from www.fringefest.com 1850 374 643

Inspired by the biography of Roger Casement, Makeshift Ensemble and a cast of activist/performers from Ireland, Belgium, UK, Peru and the Democratic Republic of Congo invite you to question the role of idealism and our responsibility for action in a (faux)-globalised world.

Utopia Ltd. Is an off-site collaborative theatre performance about flawed and flawless heroes, a world mapped by international trade, and the optimistic impossibility that tonight we will change the world.

But is there anything we can all agree on? And who are we responsible for? And aren’t ideals that people would die for too dangerous?

Roger Casement is most well known in Ireland for his failed attempt to deliver arms on a German submarine on the eve of the Easter Rising and his subsequent execution in London. What many people do not know is that Casement was on the submarine to try dissuade the leaders from going ahead. Or that he was knighted just five years previous for his human rights work and service to the crown. Or that he changed the history of five countries on three continents. Many people on the other hand seem to know that he was gay.

Cork based Hungarian theatre maker, Eszter Nemethi, together with an international cast and crew take the historic figure of Casement and the very contemporary stories of a cast of activists, originally from the countries that he had an impact on, to question our relationship to the world, to history and ultimately what responsibility do we have for both.

This off-site performance will invite the audience to be at the centre of a panoptikum of perspectives and ideas playing out around them while they sit on stage - presented through one on one conversations, video, sailing, real stories, a box of butterflies, film re-enactments, big ideals, a revolution and failures - to hold a space for ‘big questions’ to be asked and perhaps answered.


Concept: Eszter Nemethi & Nuno Escudeiro
Dramaturge: Bart Capelle
Cast: Siofra Richardson, Brendan Richardson, Serge Van Den Berghe, Matt von Zweigbergk and Guylaine Lema
Director: Eszter Nemethi
Production Manager: Anthony Hanley
Producer: Leah Hearne and Shona Slemon
Co-producer (Postmodernsquare): Daria Akimenko
Video: Nuno Escudeiro
Sound Design: Caoilian Sherlock
Set Design: Eszter Nemethi
Stage Manager: Maeve Scannell
Assistant Producer: Jane Creech
Digital Marketing: Brid O'Donovan
Production Assistant: Fiona Hegarty

Utopia Ltd. is a project by Eszter Nemethi produced by Makeshift Ensemble in collaboration with Postmodernsquare (FIN). Utopia Ltd. is supported by Cork Midsummer Festival, Sample A&B, The Arts Council,  Erasmus+, ART:16, Sample Studios, Firestarter Network, Kunstcentrum Vooruit, Taike, and Cork Boat Club.

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